Alla våra paket

Our Bauer packages

Enjoy magical nature and well-prepared food with elements of local ingredients. Take the day as it comes or choose one of our popular activities. All our Bauer packages include the unique Bauer menu - a menu to experience.

The Cotton Reel package

Let the memories of Trådrullartåget, The Cotton Reel train, take you on a journey from Jönköping via Gisebo and Vista kulle through the Valley of Skärsta to Bunn. A local food tours with flavors and memories from a bygone era.

The Cycle package

The magical routes that surround the lakes Bunn and Ören include trails, gravel roads and paved country roads that suit everyone – all year around! After the tour the sauna and a three-course dinner with locally produced products waits for you.

Canoeing and Hiking

With our Canoeing and Hiking package you get to enjoy the very best here in Bunn – the magical lake, the enchanted forest and a three course menu with locally produced products.

Hike the John Bauer trail

Hike the John Bauer trail and enjoy a luxurious hotel night, lakeside sauna and three course menu. The John Bauer Trail stretches between Huskvarna and Gränna and offers a beautiful, varied and somewhat demanding hike.

The Sustainability package

With our Sustainability package you will enjoy the very best and at the same time contribute to a better world. The food you are served is prepared with organic and locally produced ingredients and we are constantly working to develop our sustainability work and place great emphasis on continuously training our staff. With the climate compensation you contribute an increased biological diversity.