Head out by cycle or on foot along the winding trails, endless gravel or main roads that stretch for miles. Discover Lake Bunn and the peaceful canals that connect the area’s lakes, or just take it easy. Nature has something for everyone – we promise!


Some claim that the nature here is magical, and we agree – every day, all year round! Challenge yourself along winding roads, ascending metre by metre, or head out on a gentle ride and enjoy each and every kilometre.

Cycle in Småland’s Tuscany

Cycle in Småland’s Tuscany

Hiking and running

There’s no better way to experience nature than hiking or running. Bauerleden trail is just around the corner, and there are several trails that we’ve signposted ourselves, short and long, flat and hilly – there’s a trail for everyone!

Winding paths in magical surroundings

Paddling and swimming in open water

It’s not difficult to see why John Bauer loved paddling alongside Bunn’s beaches and gliding along the wonderful canals that connect Lakes Bunn, Ören and Kvarnsjön. It’s like stepping straight into a world of fairy tales. Enjoy the fresh water – in it or on it!

Along fabulous canals and glassy lakes