Stay for a while and
experience this magical place.

Welcome to the idyllic Bunn

“We have long ridges, vast forests, sheer drops and cairns, as well as light birch groves, meadows and rich fields. And there’s the air from Lake Vättern and the extensive horizon.”

It’s the beginning of the 1900s and, in a letter, John Bauer describes the environment around his family’s new home in Bunn, just south of Gränna.

There’s something truly special about the environment here. The magical forest with its winding canal lined with water lilies inspires calm – a calm that allows us to focus and invites creativity, a calm that we need more than ever in today’s world.

› Stay for a while and experience this magical place


Opening hours

Tuesday-Saturday: Lunch 12-3 PM
Tuesday-Saturday: À la Carte 5-9 PM
Sunday: Sunday Buffé 12-3 PM

The pitch is open all year around. For irregular opening hours click here

Celebrate Swedish traditions like we do in Småland

Our Swedish traditions are something we cherish extra here at Bauergården.
Here you can enjoy classic Swedish dishes and Småland specialties prepared from local ingredients during all the holidays of the year.
If you want to experience Swedish culture, we suggest traditional celebrations in the local area.

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Our Bauer packages

Enjoy magical nature and well-cooked food with local produce. Take the day as it comes or chose one of our popular activities.

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The Cotton Reel package

Let the memories of the Trådrullar train take you on a local food tour from Jönköping via Gisebo and Vista Kulle through Skärstadalen to Bunn.

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Canoeing and Hiking

With our Canoeing and Hiking nature package, you can enjoy the best that Bunn has to offer – the magical lake and enchanted forest.

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The Cycle package

The magical routes around Lakes Bunn and Ören include trails, forest roads and asphalt loops to suit everyone.

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The Bauer menu

Just as Johan Bauer took his inspiration from the magical forests here in Bunn, we’ve taken flavours from nature’s pantry for our Bauer menu. Enjoy carefully selected local produce with game and magical fog. A three-course menu to remember!

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