À la carte

We have put together a classic menu with flavors that are both recognizable but also surprising. Of course with the best ingredients that the season offers.



Jerusalem artichoke soup
A creamy soup served with Jerusalem artichoke crisps, herb oil, pumpkin seeds & home-baked, crispy bread
SEK 129

Swedish flavours
Local, smoked, salmon from Sjöarp, served with ramsons mayonnaise, crisp bread from Gränna & pickled red onion
SEK 149

Treasures of the forest
Crispy, fried mushroom croquettes on a bed of fried kale
with a chili mayonnaise & pickled mushroom
SEK 139

Lilla Småland
An antipasto plate from the region of Småland with cream cheese from Prästgården dairy farm in Lommaryd, tasty cheeses from Brostorp, Swedish sausage & cured ham, a cream on garden lupin from Flättinge Farm, homebaked bread & crisp bread from Gränna
SEK 155

Main courses


Grilled arctic char
Served with a Sandefjord sauce, potatoes, & butter fried asparagus, topped with red beets
SEK 389

Served with a cheese- & herb spiced potato cake, a creamy mushroom sauce, & roasted snap beans
SEK 399

Swedish beef cheek
Swedish beef cheek in a red wine sauce with onion, pork,
& mushroom, served with a potato purée & a ramsons cream
SEK 335

Asparagus risotto
A creamy risotto served with white & green asparagus, topped with local, grated cheese from Brostorp, crispy root vegetables & roasted pumpkin seeds
SEK 245

Miss Wallenberg
A patty on lamb from Lupiner’s Farm served with a potato purée, steamed peas and lingonberries
SEK 245

The chef’s burger
On organic beef from Säby Farm, brioche, aioli, lettuce, tomato, salty cucumber,  caramelized onion, cheddar cheese, crispy bacon & organic fries
SEK 245

Dip SEK 15
Choose between aioli, chili mayonnaise & truffle mayonnaise

Garden lupin burger
Organic, locally produced garden lupin burger from Flättinge Farm, served with a
truffle mayonnaise, lettuce, pickled red onion, and tomato, served with organic fries
SEK 235

Summer sallad
A mix sallad with tomatoes, local cheese from Brostorp, cured ham, & melon, served with roasted bread & aioli
SEK 225

Bauergården’s schnitzel
Served our classic way with a red wine sauce, herb mayonnaise & fried potatoes & capers
SEK 245

Our popular schrimp sandwich
Shrimps, eggs from Aneby, lettuce, pickled red onion & the chef’s mayonnaise served on bread from Gränna
Large SEK 249 | Small SEK 149



A rhubarb dream
Rhubarbs with a touch of cinnamon served with whipped cream cheese with vanilla, & a roasted, sweet crunch
SEK 139

Frozen polkagris cheesecake
Our classic cheesecake with a caramel sauce flavoured with Polkagris peppermint candy from Gränna
SEK 129

Traditional cake from Småland
Served with a cloudberry jam, whipped cream & roasted almonds
SEK 135

Ice cream from Gränna
Served with whipped cream and strawberries
SEK 125

Chocolate truffle with Polkagris
SEK 35

For the little ones


Burger on organic beef from Säby farm 
Served with organic fries
SEK 109

Organic garden lupin burger from Flättinge Farm
Served with organic fries
SEK 109

Pasta bolognese
SEK 109