The Cotton Reel package

Tastes and memories from times gone by – a local food tour

The Gripenberg railway line, or Trådrullar (cotton reels) Train as it became known colloquially because its small wheels resembled cotton reels on the narrow-gauge railway, opened in 1893, but it never reached its final destination: Gripenberg. The company, Jönköpings Gripenbergs Järnvägs Aktiebolag, went bankrupt before the final stage was completed, and during the time that the railway was built, other modes of transport, such as buses, had become increasingly popular.

But, for 42 years the beautiful steam locomotives transported both goods and people from Jönköping via Giebo and Vista Kulle through Skärstadalen, Ölmstad and Bunn all the way to Vireda. It’s in memory of the narrow tracks that we’ve gathered inspiration and produce for the Trådrullar Train menu.

The Trådrullar package includes:

  • Overnight stay in a double room
  • Breakfast in our beautiful restaurant
  • Trådrullar package – a local food tour
  • Footpaths and cycleways
  • Free use of the lakeside sauna and outdoor gym

Arrival day: your choice

Double room: from 1190 SEK/person
De luxe room: from 1290 SEK/person

Single room supplement: 300 SEK/night
Picnic hamper: 200 SEK/person. The hamper contains a hearty wrap, drink, coffee and biscuit

The Cotton Reel menu

The Bistro

Boarding | Little Småland

A Småland-style antipasti platter with fresh cheese from Prästgården dairy in Lommaryd, tasty cheeses from Brostop, Swedish sausage and air-dried ham, pea mash with sweet lupins from Flättinge, apple chutney from Äppledalen, bread baked in Bunn and Grennaknäcke crispbread.

The station | The wonderful view from Äppledalen

Lamb from local sheep farms with deep-fried parsley, rich blackcurrant gravy made with nectar from Äppledalen and a potato and root vegetable pastry with local cheeses.

Final stop | Sweet

Punch and honey parfait with von Dübens Punch from Vistakulle orchard and honey from Bunn served with almond rusks from Grennaknäcke and tart berries.

Drinks trolley

Röttle Export

Brewed from hops grown in Röttle just south of Gränna. The hop plant originally came from the old brewery’s stock that dates back as far as the 1800s.

The stations choice of wine
Bocelli, Sangiovese Di Toscana IGT, Italy

A dark red wine with a fruity cherry flavour and hints of oak and chocolate. Imported by our friends at Vista Kulle Vinimport.

Vistakulle Solaris, Vistakulle, Sverige
A dry, white wine with a fruity grape taste & with some residual sweetness made by grapes grown in Småland.

Vistakulle Rondo Rosé, Vistakulle, Sverige
A rosé wine with rich berry tones & with some residual sweetness made by grapes grown in Småland.

Final stop
Wista Härads Apel

A genuine Småland Apple liquor aged in oak barrels from Vistakulle Fruktodling (fruit farm) in Äppledalen. A drink that closely resembles its more famous French counterparts but with its own unique qualities.

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